Key corporate and commercial decisions that we have highlighted, with commentary, over the last few months (roughly the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2012), are compiled at the hyperlinks below for the convenience of our readers.

Supreme Court Upholds $2 Billion Judgment and $300 Million Fee Award

LP Member Protected from Self-Interested Transaction by Terms of LP Agreement

Court Defines Good Faith as a Contract Standard Among Partners

Court Clarifies Duties of Majority Shareholder When Company is For Sale

Expert Report Prepared for Board Need Not Be Produced

Election of Directors by Written Consent Upheld

Non-Unanimous Written Consents Not Sufficient to Challenge Director Election

Statutory Appraisal of Minority Shares in Merger Context

Attorneys’ Fees Imposed on Party Requesting Imposition of Fees on Opposing Party


Practitioners’ Guide with Practice Tips for non-Delaware Lawyers using “local counsel” in Delaware


Two prior “partial year summaries” of key cases that we compiled earlier this year are available here and here.

Supplement: The venerable Prof. Stephen Bainbridge, favorite corporate scholar of the Delaware courts and friend of this blog, kindly links to this post here.