In a recent magnum opus, the Delaware Court of Chancery in the matter of West Palm Beach Firefighters Pension Fund v. Moelis & Co., C.A. No. 2023-0339-JTL (Del. Ch. Feb. 23. 2024), addressed the tension between DGCL Section 141(a), which provides that directors manage the business and affairs of the corporation unless otherwise provided

In the context of explaining why certain challenges to a stockholders’ agreement were not barred by laches and were otherwise timely, the Delaware Court of Chancery recently recited several enduring fundamental principles of Delaware corporate law and corporate governance in the gem of a decision styled: West Palm Beach Firefighters’ Pension Fund v. Moelis &

Andrew Ralli of the Delaware office of Lewis Brisbois prepared this post.

The Court of Chancery recently granted a motion to strike portions of a complaint derived from privileged or confidential board-level communications in Icahn Partners LP, et al. v. Francis deSouza, et al., C.A. No. 2023-1045-PAF (Del. Ch. Jan. 16, 2024).



Frank Reynolds, who has been covering Delaware corporate decisions for various national publications for over 35 years, prepared this article.

A Delaware Supreme Court milestone ruling has revived a shareholder suit over pharmaceutical giant AmerisourceBergen Corp.’s role in the nation’s opioid crisis, finding the Court of Chancery should not have dismissed the derivative action by

This article was prepared by Frank Reynolds, who has been following Delaware corporate law and writing about it in various publications for more than 35 years

The Delaware Court of Chancery has allowed GoDaddy Inc. shareholders to continue their suit that claims their directors exhibited bad faith by disloyally rubber-stamping the under-valued buyout of a

Professor Stephen Bainbridge, a nationally-prominent corporate law professor whose voluminous scholarship is often cited in Delaware corporate law decisions, and who often provides scholarly insights on his eponymous blog, was kind enough to share our annual review of key Delaware corporate decisions via Twitter (now X) with the following high praise, while referring to a

By:  Francis G.X. Pileggi* and Sean M. Brennecke**

Courtesy of the Delaware Business Court Insider, which published this article in two parts (it’s 34-pages long), this is our annual review of key Delaware corporate and commercial decisions.

This year’s list focuses, with some exceptions, on the unsung heroes among the many decisions that have