This is a short compilation of several sources that are useful references for new protocols that are either recommended or required for remote court proceedings, including remote depositions. The links below include reminders of professionalism standards and other norms that still apply in the context of these new technological developments.

Procedures for hearings via Zoom in the Court of Chancery available at this hyperlink.

Sample protocols for trials held via Zoom, or related remote methods, available at this hyperlink.

Witness protocols for trials held remotely are available at this hyperlink.

A letter decision from the Court of Chancery, in Macrophage v. Goldberg, reminding lawyers about the importance of decorous attire, even during remote court hearings, is available at this hyperlink.

A useful guide for protocols established for remote depositions conducted via Zoom, or related videoconferencing, approved in the Court of Chancery, is available at this hyperlink.