Louisiana Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement Systems v. Pyott, C.A. 5795-VCL (Del. Ch. June 11, 2012).

Issues Addressed

Whether collateral estoppel, Rule 23.1 or Rule 12(b)(6) apply to require the dismissal of a Delaware derivative suit based on the dismissal in California of a related derivative suit in which a federal court granted a Rule 23.1

The following key Delaware corporate and commercial decisions from the first four months of 2012 are a follow-up to our summary of the key decisions that we featured from 2011. We highlight on these pages all the corporate and commercial opinions from Delaware’s Supreme Court and Court of Chancery, and we have chosen the

Matthew v. Laudamiel, C.A. No. 5957-VCN (Del. Ch. March 20, 2012).  The prior decision by the Delaware Court of Chancery in this matter was highlighted on these pages here

Issues Addressed

Whether a final judgment should be entered pursuant to Court of Chancery Rule 54(b) against one co-defendant whose motion to dismiss for

BASF Corp. v. POSM II Properties Partnership, L.P., (Del. Ch., Mar. 3, 2009), read opinion here.

Kevin Brady, a highly respected Delaware litigator,  prepared the following review of the case.

In this Chancery Court  decision, Vice Chancellor Strine dismissed an action brought by BASF Corporation, seeking to withdraw from defendant POSM II Limited Partnership, L.P. and