A short time ago, much was written (and I was quoted by Bloomberg Law) about a Court of Chancery decision finding that Caremark claims could proceed against the top HR officer of McDonald’s, but a few days ago, the Court of Chancery held that Caremark claims against the Board of Directors in connection with related HR-type claims failed to satisfy the pre-suit demand futility test for derivative suits.

Professor Stephen Bainbridge has a scholarly post about this important decision, which cites to other learned sources, on his eponymous blog that I cannot improve upon. The good professor’s scholarship was cited by the Court of Chancery in its opinion, as it often is in Delaware court decisions on corporate law.

Paying clients are keeping me from blogging updates on other recent decisions, but when one of the nation’s leading corporate law experts writes about a recent decision like this one, it would be superfluous for me to add to the chorus.