This blog is not intended to be overtly political in nature, but U.S. Senator Joe Biden has had a profound and lasting impact on Delaware business litigation at least via his role in the selection of members of the local U.S. District Court  (and "Delaware members" of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals), as well as (at least indirectly, one might argue) the selection of judges for the Bankruptcy Court–not to mention his role in federal legislation that increased the number of bankruptcy judges in Delaware, which exceeds the number of active judges on the U.S. District Court bench.

 Thus, regardless on one’s political inclinations, we must respect the unavoidable realities.  Especially in light of the business law decisions by the federal court(s) in Delaware and the ongoing tug of war between the feds and the State of Delaware over who should have greater control over corporate governance, it remains entirely appropriate that we mention on this blog the choice yesterday of Sen. Biden to be the Vice Presidential running mate for Sen. Obama. Here is a local paper’s take on the "local boy done good". Of course, if he wins, and becomes VP of the US, the impact on the perennial  "feds v. State of Delaware" contest in the area of corporate law  could be even greater.

Curiously, even though this is not a political blog per se, for some reason, I have been consistently listed as one of the "top 20" blogs in Delaware, including (without trying) among the top 20 "most influential political blogs." Here  is the BNN website (that does the ranking) with the current ranking showing me this week as #14.