Though the attention by the press to the Yahoo takeover dance has waned, in light of Carl Icahn’s deal to get on the board, and Microsoft playing coy, the three relatively recent Chancery Court decisions are compiled all in one place below.

In Re Yahoo! Inc. S’holders Litig., 2008 WL 2721800 (Del. Ch. July 2008). The Chancery Court exercised its discretion to grant a motion to stay discovery pending dispositive motions. See footnotes 2 and 4 for the factors to be considered in such a motion.  

In the preceding Yahoo decision at 2008 WL 2627851 (Del. Ch., June 2008), read opinion here, the Chancery Court denied a motion to "set a trial date" which the court construed as a second motion to expedite, but based on detailed reasoning,  the court said that if the parties did expedited briefing, it would rule on a pending motion to dismiss prior to the Yahoo shareholders meeting scheduled for August 1.

A prior decision in the case regarding documents under seal, was summarized here.