In the case of In Re Yahoo! Inc. S’hldrs Litig., (Del. Ch., June 2, 2008), read opinion here, the Chancery Court discussed the standards pursuant to Chancery Court Rule 5(g) for determining when "good cause" is shown to keep documents filed with the court "under seal".

"Good cause" under Rule 5(g) typically covers material that contains trade secrets, third-party sensitive material or nonpublic financial information. The court also distinguished the case of Pershing Square, L.P. v. Ceridian Corp., 923 A.2d 810 (Del. Ch. 2007), which the court described as involving someone who came upon confidential company data surreptitiously. The court also distinguished its confidentiality rulings in Disney  v. The Walt Disney Co., 2005 WL 1538336 (Del. Ch., June 20, 2005). Finding no privileged or confidential data and no good cause to keep the documents under seal pursuant to Rule 5(g), the court ordered the "unsealing" of the amended complaint and the public release of the documents at issue.