Prof. Ribstein notes his views on the Disney oral argument today before the Delaware Supreme Court with a link to the Conglomerate blog’s online forum today regarding the Disney oral argument.
The Disney decision by our Supreme Court will be closely watched by those interested in corporate law worldwide. For someone like me whose blog focuses on summarizing corporate and commercial cases from the Delaware Supreme Court and Chancery Court, I am fortunate to have the benefit of referring to blogs by corporate law professors like Professors Larry Ribstein, Gordon Smith, Steve Bainbridge, and others, who also write about these same cases and issues. By virtue of their positions in academia, they are not constrained by the billable hour requirements of a private practitioner like myself, who might not have as much time to discuss each case in the scholarly detail that they do. Of course, writing scholary commentary about these cases and related issues is part of their job, and by enabling me to link to their commentaries, readers of my blog receive much greater insights than they otherwise would. Lucky for me that their many interests include topics on which this blog focuses.