As frequent readers of this blog know, the limited focus of this blog is to highlight key decisions of the Delaware Court of Chancery and Delaware Supreme Court. On occasion I stray from that limited focus. This is one such occasion. Today, the Delaware Bar Association had its Annual Golf Tournament. I have not played golf in over a year, but playing with other lawyers today highlighted an aspect of Delaware law and practice that is relevant to this blog. I was reminded today that getting to know lawyers on a personal level helps to be more productive when working with them on a case, which often means the clients get their cases resolved more efficiently. My foursome included Richard DiLiberto; Rolin Bissell and Sheldon Sandler, all of the respected Young Conaway firm in Wilmington.
Though I have a list of recent cases that I should be summarizing for this blog instead of talking about my day on the links, for those in other states who read this blog in part to learn about Delaware law and practice, this is an important point: Many of us try to maintain collegiality, as best we can, and spending a day together on the links helps foster that goal, which ultimately helps clients as well. I may not be as collegial as I should be at all times, but I am convinced that the lawyers I golfed with today helped me improve both my golf game and my collegiality. For that, I thank them.