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Attorney/Client Privilege Applies to Email Sent on Company Server

The Delaware Court of Chancery recently ruled that the use of a company email address to send confidential information to an attorney did not negate the protection of the attorney/client privilege, based on the facts in Lynch v. Gonzalez, No. 2019-0356-MTZ, Letter Decision (Del. Ch. Nov. 18, 2019). Why Noteworthy? This decision is noteworthy because, … Continue Reading

21st Annual Tulane Corporate Law Institute–Final Update

This is my sixth and final update from the corporate law seminar in New Orleans. The final panel today is titled: "The Role of Counsel in Transactions: Enhanced Ethics and Professionalism". Members of the panel include Vice Chancellor Donald Parsons of the Delaware Chancery Court as well as several leading corporate practitioners. [As an aside, this … Continue Reading