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Chancery Addresses Liquidated Damages Clause in Non-Competition Agreement

The following synopsis was prepared by Chauna Abner, an attorney in the Delaware office of Eckert Seamans. In Lyons Ins. Agency, Inc. v. Kelly Wark, et al., C.A. No. 2017-0348-SG (Del. Ch., Jan. 28, 2020), the Court of Chancery opined on the enforceability of a liquidated damages provisions in a non-competition agreement. The Court explained … Continue Reading

Chancery Enforces Non-Competition Agreement

Simplexity, LLC v. Zeinfeld, C.A. No. 8171-VCG (Del. Ch. April 5, 2013) (Redacted Version) Issue Addressed:  This case involves a dispute between two companies over the hiring of the former CEO of Simplexity, Andrew Zeinfeld.  (The publication of this opinion was delayed while confidential data was redacted.) Short Overview Simplexity contends that Zeinfeld’s employment with … Continue Reading

Chancery Court Dismisses Suit for Breach of Non-Competition Covenant Due to Lack of Personal Jurisdiction

Mobile Diagnostic Group Holdings, LLC v. Suer,  Del. Ch., No. 4298-CC (March 24, 2009), read opinion here. Kevin Brady, a highly respected Delaware litigator, provides us with the following review of this decision. Chancellor Chandler dismissed this action seeking to enforce the terms of non-competition covenants that defendant Suer allegedly agreed to in connection with the sale … Continue Reading