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Personal Jurisdiction over Foreign Defendants Examined

Boulden v. Albiorix, Inc., C.A. No. 7051-VCN (Del. Ch. Jan. 31, 2013, revised Feb. 7, 2013). Issue Addressed This case addressed whether personal jurisdiction was appropriate by a court in Delaware on the various foreign residents involved. Short Overview The Court reviews the requirements for personal jurisdiction under Delaware’s long-arm statute, as well as the … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Imposes Jurisdiction on Foreign Party Based on Civil Conspiracy Claim

In Matthew v. Flakt Woods Group SA, Del. Supr., No. 150, 2012 (Nov. 20, 2012), the Delaware Supreme Court ruled that Delaware courts could impose jurisdiction on a foreign party involved in this case, based on the “conspiracy theory of jurisdiction”. Quick Background: This well-recognized basis for subjecting non-Delaware parties to the jurisdiction of Delaware courts, … Continue Reading

Chancery Discusses Personal Jurisdiction Issues

 In EBG Holdings LLC v. Vredezicht’s Gravenhage 109 B.V., et al., 2008 WL 4057745, (Del. Ch., Sept. 2, 2008), the Delaware Chancery Court analyzes a cornucopia of personal jurisdiction issues involving out-of-state defendants.  (Yes, that is the correct spelling of the unusual case name.) The original format of the slip opinion is in the 60-page neighborhood … Continue Reading