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Claims by Long-Term Close Friend Proceed Against Faithless Business Partner

A recent Delaware Court of Chancery opinion discussed the nuances of an unusual personal and business relationship, akin to a “familial intimacy”, that formed the basis for the court to conclude that a fiduciary relationship could be proven at trial.  See Bamford v. Penfold, L.P., C.A. No. 2019-0005-JTL (Del. Ch. Feb. 28, 2020). Short Overview: … Continue Reading

Chancery Interprets LLC Agreement that Modifes Fiduciary Duties

Kahn v. Portnoy, (Del. Ch., Dec. 11, 2008), read opinion here.  This Chancery Court opinion deals with the important concept of the ability to modify fiduciary duties in an LLC agreement. In this derivative case involving an LLC, the LLC agreement’s modification of  fiduciary duties was not clear enough to choose one reasonable interpretation over another … Continue Reading

Chancery Court Dismisses Claims Against Board of Lear Corp. for Payment of Termination Fee to Bidder Led by Carl Icahn

In Re Lear Corp. Shareholder Litigation, 2008 WL 4053221 (Del. Ch., Sept. 2, 2008), read opinion here. This is the third Chancery Court decision in about as many (business) days that addresses the issue of whether: claims against a board of directors will be dismissed based on the exculpation clause in a corporate charter as authorized by DGCL Section 102(b)(7). The … Continue Reading

Major Decision by Chancery Court on Corporate Law Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions

In Ryan v. Lyondell Chemical Company, (Del. Ch., July 29, 2008), read opinion here, the Delaware Chancery Court rendered a decision that is "must reading" for anyone who needs to know the latest developments in Delaware corporate law involving mergers and acquisitions.  One reason why this case will attract a great amount of attention in … Continue Reading