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Chancery Finds Expert Valuations Are Inadmissible as Hearsay Evidence

In our latest column for the Delaware Business Court Insider, we provide an overview of a recent opinion from the Delaware Court of Chancery, in Zohar II 2005-1 Ltd. v. FSAR Holdings, which examined the nuances regarding hearsay and expert valuation reports.  The Court provided a helpful overview for those who may be years removed from studying the … Continue Reading

Court Refuses to Allow Updated Expert Report

IQ Holdings, Inc. v. Am. Comm. Lines, Inc., C.A. No. 6369-VCL (Del Ch. Aug. 30, 2012). Short Overview: This short letter ruling addressed the effort of the plaintiff in an appraisal proceeding to submit an updated expert report beyond the deadline for submitting such reports. The updated report also changed the substance of the same expert’s earlier report in … Continue Reading