Delaware General Corporation Law

The Delaware General Corporation Law was amended last summer to allow companies to maintain their corporate records using blockchain technology. The purpose of this short post is to provide a high-level overview of this evolving intersection of technology and corporate law that will have an increasingly profound impact on corporate governance and related areas of

The ABA is sponsoring a webinar on the above topic that will be presented on October 20 at 1:00 p.m. EST. Recent Delaware decisions will be addressed.

More details and registration information are available here. I am flattered to be the moderator for the following panel of luminaries who will make the presentations: Ted

Professor Stephen Bainbridge muses here about the recent Ryan v. Lyondell decision by the Delaware Chancery Court, summarized here, as well as insights by Professor Gordon Smith (who views the decision as predictable), and suggests that it is time for the Delaware Legislature to revisit DGCL Section 102(b)(7) to, among other things, add greater clarity to this very