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Chancery Denies Attorneys’ Fees for Successful Suit to Compel Annual Meeting

The Court of Chancery recently denied a request for attorneys’ fees that were sought pursuant to the corporate benefit doctrine despite a successful suit under Section 211 of the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL) to compel a company to hold an annual meeting. In Martin v. Harbor Diversified, Inc., C.A. No. 2018-0762-SG (Del. Ch. Feb. … Continue Reading

Chancery Explains Basis for Fiduciary Duty Default Standards Applicable to LLCs

Auriga Capital Corp. v. Gatz Properties LLC, C.A. No. 4390-CS (Del. Ch., Jan. 27, 2012), read opinion here. What this Case is About and Why it is Important This case establishes a high-water mark in terms of providing the most comprehensive explanation, based on legislative history and a review of Delaware cases, to explain why … Continue Reading

Chancery Court Rejects Claims for Attorneys’ Fees; Follows American Rule

In General Video Corp. v. Kertesz, (Del. Ch., Jan. 13, 2009), read opinion here, the Delaware Chancery Court refused to apply the "bad faith" exception to the Americal Rule and thus rejected a request by the victor for fee-shifting to the losing party in a case whose post-trial opinion was highlighted here. This case dealt with a long-list of claims … Continue Reading