In re Interstate General Media Holdings, LLCC.A. No. 9221-VCP (Del. Ch. April 7, 2014).

Noteworthy aspects of this decision: On a substantive level, this case is about a dissolution pursuant to Section 18-802 of the Delaware LLC Act and this decision grants a motion to intervene pursuant to Court of Chancery Rule 24 by a union representing employees of the entity that is the subject of the dissolution proceedings.  But on a less technical level, there is something inherently notable about a dispute among owners of the major newspapers serving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, being litigated in the Delaware Court of Chancery–after a Philadelphia judge deferred the dispute to the Delaware forum. It’s the reverse irony of a recent decision by a federal court based in Philadelphia that found the arbitration rules of the Delaware Court of Chancery to be unconstitutional.

A prior post on these pages compared the substantial differences in the culture of these two neighboring states, for example, as reflected in the respective buildings that their legislatures occupy.