Stourbridge Investments, LLC v. Bersoff, C.A. No. 7300-VCL (Del. Ch. Mar. 13, 2012)(Transcript). This short transcript of a bench ruling on a motion to expedite is noteworthy briefly for two reasons.  First, it explains the public policy rationale for denying a motion to expedite along with the applicable standards that the Court will apply – – even when the Delaware case is a first-filed case and a parallel case is pending in another jurisdiction.  Second, the Court refers to statistics indicating that approximately 90% or more of all mergers involving $100 million or more are now challenged in litigation and are subject to some legal claims regarding the disclosures or deal structure.  The Court compares this to M&A litigation in prior decades where the challenges to the mergers were generally less numerous on a percentage basis and were challenged for different reasons.