Professor Larry Ribstein, RIP. I learned of the sad and sudden recent passing of Professor Ribstein via the many posts over the last two days by the scores of fellow law professors, students and friends that he touched via his prolific scholarship and varied intellectual pursuits both in academia and in other circles. I learned of his death the same way I came to know him and develop a cordial professional friendship–via blogging. He was one of the early pioneers among law professors who shared their learning through blogging. In addition to the treatises and law review articles and symposia that were part of his prodigious output, he also frequently blogged about his latest scholarship which made his learned commentary more accessible to a broader audience. I know that I learned more about the latest developments in the law of alternative entities by reading his posts. I was also flattered that he asked me to review one of his more recent works, a book called “The Rise of the Uncorporation”, which I did a brief post on here. He coined the word “uncorporation” to refer to alternative entities and did more than anyone I can think of to champion their virtues and to refine the less extensive case law (compared to cases construing corporate issues).  Although I only “knew him through blogging” and via emails and cross-linking on each of our blogs, I feel a great loss and a void by his absence.

I plan to keep his original academic blog, Ideoblog, in my blogroll (as long as they keep it live), as well as Truth on the Market, which is the blog he migrated to last year and which he co-wrote with other law professors.

Truth on the Market provided a post here that compiles links to the multitude of posts by others who also mourn his loss. His iconic contribution to legal scholarship in general, and on the blogosphere in particular, is indicated by the large number of posts, compiled at the foregoing link, that have mourned his untimely passing. Among the posts that exemplify his status as a titan in academic circles and a giant in his field, is the online eulogy by his friend and fellow law professor, Stephen Bainbridge, whose post is available here. Rest in peace, Professor Larry Ribstein, and thanks for making the world a better place. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.