Courtesy of Kevin O’Keefe is a listing of old-fashioned but still applicable, time-honored advice from my favorite U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln, for professional and personal guidance:

Abe Lincoln

Model business after Abraham LincolnJason Baudendistel has a wonderful post today entitled ‘Why Your Business Should Be Modeled After Abraham Lincoln’s Life.’

Battling life long depression, Lincoln persevered out of passion to learn and then to make a difference — in the courtroom and later on to maintain the union of our country.

Baudendistel cites seven ways we can run our businesses and lives like Lincoln that I thought were too good not to share.

  1. Be honest and fair in all your dealings. — Lincoln prided himself on his character and honesty.
  2. Work hard and bury your heart in your passions. — Lincoln had a sincere love of people and although depressive and shy he made a career out of making a difference in others lives.
  3. Always find ways to laugh, enjoy life and relax. — Lincoln medicated his depression with laughter; he believed it was better to laugh than allow himself to cry.
  4. Build your business around something you believe in. — Passion fuels desire and helps to drive you. If you pursue a passion your business processes will never feel like work.
  5. Never stop learning. — Lincoln had very little formal education. He became a lawyer almost completely off of reading and self educating himself constantly.
  6. Never believe where you came from matters. — Lincoln grew up in severe poverty and had to quit school to help support his destitute family however he never let his circumstances stop him from striving toward greatness.
  7. Treat failure as a learning experience. — Lincoln had several businesses fail. He went bankrupt and had his fiancé leave him. He also failed two times to get elected to senate. He never let his disappointments stop him from moving forward.