This is a post about the international interest in Delaware corporate law and the global impact of Delaware corporate law. (Parenthetically, after six years of blogging at my former firm, this is my first post on this blog as the head of the Wilmington office of the Eckert Seamans firm. More details to follow, along with a "blog facelift" with new graphics including the name of the new firm on the homepage in about a week.)

We previously wrote here about an annual trip to Taiwan made by Justice Randy Holland of the Delaware Supreme Court and other Delawareans who are key players in the world of Delaware corporate law. While in Taiwan, among other presentations, they provide updates on Delaware corporate law to the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association. Delaware corporate litigator Kevin Brady is among the members of a group that frequently accompanies Justice Holland on the goodwill mission.

There is a strong interest in corporate law decisions from Delaware courts among Taiwanese judges and lawyers. Kevin Brady and his colleague Zhun Lu, both of Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, LLP, have recently published an article on Delaware corporate law, available here, which was translated into Chinese, and discusses the Delaware Court of Chancery’s recent Airgas decision involving the poison pill defense to unwanted takeovers.