One of my favorite U.S. Supreme Court Justices is The Hon. Clarence Thomas and his remarks recently at a gathering of law students are words to live by. They are quoted below via The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.

“And what I think is important for you all, is that when you see people standing in defense of what’s right, that you make sure that your voice is not remembered as one of the silent,” Thomas said.

“Because there’s gonna be a day when you’re gonna look around and you’re gonna look at your kids and your grandkids and they’re gonna ask you a question: What happened to the great country that was here when you grew up, and why isn’t it here now, and what did you do?”

His critics do not give him enough credit, perhaps because he does "not fit" their view of the world. I read his autobiography and it was one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. It was full of enduring truths, fundamental values and countless examples of how much adversity he overcame in his exemplary life.