eBay v. Craigslist  (eBay Domestic Holdings v. Newmark),  is a case scheduled to be tried in the Delaware Court of Chancery starting on Monday. The case involves important issues of corporate law and corporate litigation arising, among other things, from board membership on, and investments by, one competitor in another competitor, and the imbroglio that develops from those facts.  Prior decisions of the Court in this case have been highlighted on this blog here, here, here and here. (Sometimes the "c" at the beginning of  the name "craigslist" is not capitalized, such as in the text of the Court’s opinions, but it otherwise looks like a typo when one cites the case caption without a capital "C").

For your viewing pleasure, from your computer, live video/audio of the trial is expected to be available here, courtesy of www.courtroomview.com. Meg Whitman, the former head of eBay and a current candidate for governor of California, is expected to testify at the trial. I expect to have one or more short clips of the trial linked on this page shortly after the trial starts.

UPDATE: Video/audio of cross-examination of Meg Whitman is available here.  Professor Bainbridge links to this post here. The Deal Professor provides an update here.