Kevin LaCroix, the famed author of  The D & O Diary, a must-read for those who want to keep abreast of developments in the field of director and officer liability coverage, was on a panel with me at a presentation yesterday that we gave,  entitled: Blogging for Lawyers, in connection with a two-day seminar sponsored by The Pennsylvania Bar Institute.

 It was a "tough act to follow" for us to be scheduled after Chief Justice Myron Steele of the Delaware Supreme Court gave enlightening presentations on Delaware corporate law in the two sessions that preceded our time slot. The morning started with an individual presentation by the Chief Justice, and then His Honor joined a panel of distinguished lawyers to review recent Delaware decisions.

Here is Kevin’s post about our presentation. His post includes his written materials and here are the written materials that I prepared. Kevin’s post presents an excellent overview for any lawyer interested in starting a blog.