Prof. Larry Ribstein, a nationally prominent expert on LLCs and other alternative entities, writes here about the announcement yesterday of  Gov. Sarah Palin to be the VP running mate for Sen. McCain. This is a blog whose primary focus is Delaware corporate law and I previously blogged about the impact on Delaware corporate law of Sen. Biden’s pick as the VP running mate for Sen. Obama here, so it’s only fair that I "give equal time to the distaff side".

 I will need to do some research to add a link later about her specific projected impact on Delaware corporate law, but to the extent that the Vice President of the United States impacts the whole country, and presides over the U.S. Senate which legislates on corporate law affecting all states, including Delaware, her new (potential) role must have some relevance to this blog.

 In closing,  I must make a basic observation. Gov. Palin is the mother of five children. My saintly mother, God rest her soul, had seven (7) children–yours truly being the problem middle child. ( I had the best mother anyone could ever have been blessed with–bar none.)  Anyone growing up in a large family like I did, knows that mothers of large families are the original masters of  "multi-tasking" and by necessity have "executive experience", for example, in needing to make split-second decisions to determine the difference between a true crisis and whining, (or  in the case of my mom, by needing to learn quickly how to handle 4 "little ones" at once under the age of 6 all wanting your attention at the same time–while making dinner and washing clothes, etc.)

More InsightHere is an article from the BLT of The Legal Times about Gov. Palin’s support of the Exxon Valdez lawsuit and the her comments on the recent SCOTUS decision on punitive damages in that case.

Supplement: Corporate law professor Christine Hurt provides her comments here. For a lesson in objective analysis that can apply to any argument on almost any topic, here is an article by the reknown cultural analyst Camille Paglia, that addresses the narrowmindedness of some critics who are not being fair or objective in their attacks on Gov. Palin.