Smartmatic Corp. v. SVS Holdings, Inc. and Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc.,(Del. Ch., April 4, 2008), read opinion here. This letter opinion involved the application of New York law to multiple disputes surrounding a stock purchase agreement. Because this blog focuses on Delaware law, the only point I want to highlight in this 24-page decision is a footnote that reiterates basic Delaware law to the effect that forum clauses are generally upheld, but even as here where the law of another state is applied to the substantive dispute, Delaware procedural and remedial law will still govern. That was key here because there were cross-motions for summary judgment filed along with motions for expedited proceedings and injunctive relief–and summary judgment was granted less than 3 weeks after the complaint was filed. Here is the money quote from footnote 21:

“As a general proposition, Delaware courts will recognize and enforce contractual choice-of law provisions if the selected jurisdiction has a material connection with the transaction.”
Trilogy Dev. Group, Inc. v. Teknowledge Corp., 1996 WL 527325, at *3 (Del. Super. 1996)
(citing Falcon Tankers, Inc. v. Litton Systems, Inc., 300 A.2d 231, 235 (Del. Super. 1972)). The current dispute involves interpretation of several agreements providing that New York law governs disputes resulting therefrom. The parties conduct business in New York. New York law thus governs interpretation of this contract. Procedural matters, however, are determined by Delaware law. See, e.g., Taylor v. LSI Logic Corp., 1998 WL 51742, at *4 n.19 (Del. Ch. Feb. 3, 1998); Lutz v. Boas, 176 A.2d 853, 857 (Del. Ch. 1961) (“It is well established that the law of  the forum governs questions of remedial or procedural law.”).