Nicastro v. Rudegeair, 2007 WL 4054757 (Del. Ch., Nov. 13, 2007), read opinion here. There are not many decisions on Chancery Court Rule 12(f), which allows for the possibility of the court striking portions of pleadings that are : "… impertinent or scandalous…." So I thought this would be a useful decision to summarize.

 Even the court described the allegations involved as "messy and unpleasant" (and summarized them in the "least caustic" manner), but still found that the movant did not demonstrate the necessary prejudice required in order to have his motion to strike granted. In closing the court found that both parties acted inequitably and admonished them to consider the wisdom of spending money and time to battle over a dispute, the proof for which will primarily be offered by the same two parties who are suing each other.