Korn v. New Castly County, (Del. Ch., Oct. 3, 2007), read opinion here. This Chancery Court decision followed a remand from the Supreme Court (whose decision was summarized here). Citing to Plutarch’s description of the high cost to the Greek army of a battle victory in 279 B.C. by Pyrrhus [from whence we get the expression "Pyrrhic victory"], the Chancery Court discussed the policy reasons for granting attorneys’ fees in common fund cases and applied a rate at the lower end of the scale for this "taxpayers’ refund case". The taxpayers successfully argued that certain surplus funds were not lawfully being held by the county. There are many other issues and aspects of this case addressed in many prior court decisions over the three years that this litigation lasted. Those decisions are cited in the final opinion linked above, but for present purposes I am only highlighting the aspect dealing with the award of attorneys’ fees.