Without in any way endorsing the views, here is a post on the blog called The Race to the Bottom,  which provides a brief overview of recent cases in which the Delaware courts have addressed the backdating of options. (All of the cases mentioned have been summarized on this blog).  The Race blog generally supports greater federal regulation of corporate law–consistent with its critical (and fortunately minority) viewpoint that the Delaware courts are not doing enough to maintain standards of corporate governance. See,.e.g., this post explaining the view that Delaware court’s are not doing enough to regulate corporate behavior. Of course, however small the number of adherents,  and whatever merits those arguments might have, that negative perspective is not new and has been rebutted by many scholars. Those rebuttals would require a separate post.  My only purpose  in adding the post was to provide a different angle on the backdating case summaries I have previously provided, such as here and here.