As most readers of this blog know, the Business Judgement Rule (BJR) is a key component of Delaware corporate law and has been the subject of many summaries  of Chancery Court and Supreme Court cases on this blog over the last 2 years. Courtesy of  Professor Stephen Bainbridge, comes word of a new law review article on the BJR that has just been been published and its author gives credit to the blogs of Prof. Bainbridge and Prof. Gordon Smith for assisting him in his formulation of the article. The author also notes the the U.S. Supreme Court (among many other courts) cite to blogs in their opinions and he thus regards blogs as a legitimate part of legal scholarship. Here is the law review article: David Rosenberg, Galactic Stupidity and the Business Judgment Rule, 32 J. Corp. L. 301 (2007). The post of Prof. Bainbridge also includes links to books and articles by the good professor with his own insights on the BJR.