My partner, Bernard George Conaway, showed me a book today entitled: Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware, 1792 – 1992.  It is a compilation of writings about the court on its 200th Anniversary and includes an article by former Chancellor William Allen about what makes the court distinctive, as well as an article by former Chancellor William Quillen and Michael Hanrahan on the history of the court. It is a limited edition that includes a biographical sketch of the members of the court through 1992 –and for book collectors, here is the key: it has the signatures of all of the members of the court at that time as well as the signatures of many of the living former members of the court as of the time the book was published. Plus, it contains an inscription by former vice-chancellor and current Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, Myron Steele. Curiously my partner bought it on eBay from a London bookseller. He might entertain bids if anyone was interested in it.