Our local newspaper, The Wilmington News Journal,  published an article today by Maureen Milford that provides an overview of the Chancery Court’s jurisdiction. It includes a question and answer session with Chancellor Chandler as well as highlights of some well-known cases decided over the last few years, such as Disney, Hewlett-Packard and Tyson Foods. It also includes a not very well known case that I won about 15 years ago.

 I am the only lawyer quoted in the article. Here is a copy (you may need to expand the copy to see the small font). One knows that there are many miles on  one’s odometer when an article quotes you about a case won 15 years ago. The case involved getting a constructive trust for someone who made a bid on real estate but the mortgage broker my client used bought the property  for himself in cash, though the court ordered it returned to my client.