In Andaloro v. PFPC Worldwide, Inc., download pdf file, the Chancery Court addressed an appraisal claim after a merger that was putatively consummated under 8 Del. C. Section 253. A separate fiduciary suit alleging breach of fiduciary duties to minority shareholders was later consolidated, but this is the court’s opinion after a trial on the appraisal action only. The court determined the appropriate valuation, and though it was influenced by the trial testimony of the two economic experts, as the law requires, the court made its own determination of the appropriate value and therefore did not attempt to justify the differences between the decision of the court and the two experts of the parties. The court gave a two-thirds weight to its determination of PFPC’s valuation under the discounted cash flow method of valuation and one-third weight to the court’s determination of PFPC’s value under the comparable companies method of valuation.