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Chancery Enforces Post-Mediation Term Sheet

A recent decision of the Delaware Court of Chancery provides a useful example of why the terms of a successful mediation need to be sufficiently memorialized in writing, immediately, so that the settlement can be enforced in the event that a formal and comprehensive settlement agreement is not completed later. In Starkman v. O’Rourke, No. … Continue Reading

Post-Mediation Statement by Mediator Not Admissible to Enforce Settlement

United Health Alliance, LLC v. United Medical, LLC, C.A. No. 7710-VCP (Del. Ch. May 6, 2013). Issue Addressed: Whether a post-mediation e-mail by a mediator is admissible for purposes of enforcing the terms of a settlement reportedly reached during mediation. Short Answer:  No. Brief Overview This short but useful decision describes a situation involving a mediation during … Continue Reading