Recently filed derivative suits now proceeding in both Delaware and Texas which challenge the $21 billion merger involving El Paso and Kinder Morgan again raise the issue of merger litigation involving Delaware companies being filed outside Delaware. Alison Frankel of Thomson Reuters writes here about whether the suits will proceed in Delaware or Texas or

Dutiel v. Tween Brands, Inc., No. 4743-CC and No. 484-CC (Oct. 28, 2009), read letter decision here. Read prior Chancery Court decision in this case highlighted on this blog here. In this most recent ruling, the Chancellor denied a motion for reconsideration of the Court’s selection of lead counsel in a consolidated class action.


This letter

In Re Cablevision/Rainbow Media Group Tracking Stock Litigation, No. 19819-VCN (May 22, 2009), read opinion here.

This Chancery Court decision resolved a dispute regarding the amount of fees and the division of fees between class counsel in a Delaware shareholders’ suit that challenged the exchange by Cablevision Systems Corporation of its then-outstanding tracking stock and certain assets of its

In re William Lyon Homes Shareholder Litigation Consolidated, C.A. No. 2015-VCN (April2, 2009), read letter decision here. See prior Delaware decisions in this case here and here.

Kevin Brady, a highly respected Delaware litigator, provides us with this case summary.

On April 2, 2009, Vice Chancellor Noble denied for the second time a fee application

MARIE RAYMOND REVOCABLE  TRUST  v. MAT FIVE LLC, (Del. Ch., Dec. 19, 2008), read opinion here. The Chancery Court in this 39-page decision approved a class action settlement regarding claims of inadequate disclosure in a tender offer. Included in the opinion is the court’s exercise of its own business judgment in connection with approving