A new book by the prolific corporate law scholar, Prof. Stephen Bainbridge, who is often cited in Delaware court opinions, addresses the movement referred to as ESG: the “800-pound gorilla” in current developments in corporate law. The good professor contributes his prodigious expertise and lifelong scholarship in service of informing the public about this important topic, which seems to be another aspect of a more progressive approach to almost every part of our society. Of course, it’s available on Amazon.

The Profit Motive: Defending Shareholder Value Maximization

by Stephen M. Bainbridge  

The following overview is provided by Amazon:

What responsibility, if any, does a corporation have to society? How should corporations balance environmental, social, and governance factors? The Profit Motive addresses these questions of corporate purpose using historical, legal, and economic perspectives. Stephen M. Bainbridge enters the debate around corporate social responsibility to mount an unabashed defense of shareholder capitalism and maximizing shareholder value. The book offers context for the current questions about corporate purpose, and provides a reference going forward. Direct and corrective, The Profit Motive argues that shareholder value maximization is not only required by law, but what the law ought to require.