William Johnston, one of Delaware’s premier practitioners of corporate litigation, is the lead author of a treatise recently published by Bloomberg BNA on the law of advancement and indemnification of directors and officers as well as insurance and exculpation as a means of providing protection for those who serve in such positions. The scholarship of Bill and his co-authors may be cited, according to its publisher, as William Johnston, et al., Indemnification and Insurance for Directors and Officers, 54-3rd Corporate Practice Portfolio Series (BNA). Although this important work has a national focus, as one would expect, the several hundred footnotes are heavily weighted with citations from Delaware’s Court of Chancery and Supreme Court. The book also features sample provisions for advancement and indemnification.

[By comparison, the much more modest work for the chapter of a recent ABA publication that I co-authored on key cases from 2014 on advancement and indemnification, was an assignment I took on at Bill’s request when I succeeded him as the Chair of the Subcommittee on Advancement and Indemnification of the ABA Business and Corporate Litigation Committee.]