BE & K Engineering Company LLC v. Rocktenn CP, LLC, C.A. No 8837-VCL (Del. Ch. Jan 15, 2014)

This useful Court of Chancery opinion addresses the familiar issue of competing forum selection clauses in related agreements and how to decide which forum will prevail for purposes of determine the controlling forum for disputes.

The court’s reasoning in the context of a motion for summary judgment under Rule 56 relied in part on the doctrine of “judicial admissions” in connection with factual statements made to a court in Georgia in a parallel proceeding, including those made in pleadings, depositions, statements of counsel to the court and responses to discovery. Many of those admissions were inconsistent with positions taken by the defendant in Delaware. Such statements are binding upon the parties against whom they operate and serve to limit triable issues of fact.

This 54-page opinion explains in great detail the factual basis for its findings regarding which disputes between the parties are covered by which applicable agreement. The court also explained the standard to convert a preliminary injunction into a permanent anti-suit injunction.