Point Management LLC v. Maclaren, LLC, C.A. No. 4835-VCG (Del. Ch. June 29, 2012).

Short Overview

The Court of Chancery used its equitable powers to render the recorded Deed for the transfer of property a nullity based on a mistaken inclusion of an additional parcel that the seller did not intend to convey and the buyer did not intend to purchase.  The Court did not condone the attempt by the buyer to take unfair advantage of a mistake in the preparation of the Deed, by, in essence, trying to get something that he did not pay for in the transaction.  This 58-page decision shows the caring side of Delaware’s Court of Equity.  The decision begins with the unusual introductory sentences as follows:  “This opinion is unpleasant to write.  I expect for some it will be painful to read.”