London lawyers must see something they like in Delaware. A major London-based law firm announced today that it will be opening a law office in the First State.  The firm, called Stewart Law, which describes itself as the largest litigation-only law firm in the UK, has hired Delaware lawyers experienced in corporate and securities litigation to lead their first foray into the U.S. Their press release describes highly-regarded litigator Ralph Sianni as heading the Delaware office and his partner David Straite as running the firm’s inaugural New York office. The two Delaware lawyers had recently formed Sianni and Straite, which will now be part of the London firm’s new beachhead in the U.S.

Though Delaware is home to the offices of many law firms that are based out of state–perhaps more than any other city in the U.S. of comparable size, apparently this is the first London-based law firm to open an office in Delaware. It is noteworthy that our British brethren at the bar would pick Delaware from among all the other states in the union to choose from for their entry into the U.S. legal market.