Courtesy of Andreas Fleckner via The Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Blog, is an overview of a book that traces corporate law lessons from Ancient Rome, the empire that also had an impact on the origins of our law in connection with their Justinian Code. The post is available here. It would be hard to doubt the thoroughness of the classical scholar’s efforts that resulted in the book that is highlighted at the linked post. An excerpt from the introduction follows:

 I consider all legal and literary sources, both in Latin and classical Greek, that have come down to us, such as the works of Polybius (2nd century BC), Cicero (1st century BC), Livy (around the time of Christ’s birth), Pliny the Elder (1st century AD), or Plutarch (2nd century AD), as well as great collections like the New Testament (1st/2nd century AD) or the Digest (6th century AD).