Although most readers have already noticed it, and I have mentioned it previously on these pages, I wanted to highlight two points for the sake of clarity for those who may not read this blog religiously: (i) the rollout of new graphics and a redesigned layout for this blog coincided last month with (ii) my new firm affiliation. Both of these new developments occurred last month and as one would expect, there are still a few glitches we are working out with the new blog renovation. Working out the kinks in the new blog format, together with the change to my new firm (along with the paramount ongoing concern of taking care of paying clients–all of whom followed me), have restricted the time available to me for regular postings. Once I return from London in mid-June, I expect to be able to return to more frequent postings. I invite any constructive comments about the new graphics and new layout of this blog.

I want to publicly thank Professor Brian J.M. Quinn for adding a post to his well-regarded corporate blog called M & A Law Prof Bloghere, about my move to a new firm. I also express my gratitude to Professor Stephen Bainbridge for the gracious hat tip here on his blog where he linked to this post.