Anyone interested in the latest scholarship on Delaware corporate law and those who engage in corporate litigation will benefit from being aware of what was included in my "snail mail" today in the form of the current issue of the ABA publication: The Business Lawyer. Though the current issue that I received today (dated February 2011) is not yet online, the link to the site is here. The two articles likely to be of most interest to readers of this blog are:

Keeping "Fiduciary Outs" Out of Shareholder Proposal Bylaws: An Analysis of CA, Inc. v. AFSCME, by Sabrina Ursaner. (Ms. Ursaner is currently a law clerk for Chancellor William B. Chandler III of the Delaware Court of Chancery.)

New Day for Nonstock Corporations: The 2010 Amendments to Delaware’s General Corporation Law, by John Mark Zeberkiewicz and Blake Rohrbacher. (The authors practice at Richards, Layton & Finger in Wilmington, Delaware.)