Courtrooms for the Court of Chancery in Dover will be in a new courthouse as of June 6, 2011, according to an article today in the News Journal, available here. The article explains that the Chancery courtrooms will only be in the new courthouse temporarily while the existing courthouse is renovated, after which time all litigants appearing before the Court of Chancery in Kent County will return to the existing courthouse in Dover. A picture of the existing courthouse is part of a post here. The article linked above includes a photo of the nearly-completed Kent County Courthouse Annex which will be connected to the current courthouse by a covered walkway.

For some non-Delaware residents who may not be familiar with Delaware geography, the State of Delaware has a total of three counties. Delaware’s court of equity has courtrooms and chambers in each of the three. Wilmington is home to the New Castle County Courthouse and Georgetown is the home of the Court of Chancery’s own building in Sussex County. Astute readers will recall the beginning of this post that describes the location of Chancery’s courtrooms in Kent County.