J. Travis Laster was confirmed today by the Delaware Senate to become the newest Vice Chancellor on the Court of Chancery for the State of Delaware. October 9 is expected to be the date of his investiture and swearing in ceremony when he takes his seat on the Court. Here is a prior post on this blog about the Governor’s appointment last month. By all accounts, the newest member of the nation’s premier business court will continue the tradition of intellectual rigor, fairness, promptness and expertise in handling corporate and commercial litigation. We wish him a long and healthy tenure as a member of the Delaware Judiciary. Hat tip and thanks to Kevin Brady for providing the update–and for giving us hope that we may have an interview of sorts with soon-to-be Vice Chancellor Laster in the near future to publish on these pages. (The image above is the Court of Chancery Courthouse in Georgetown from the Court’s website.)

UPDATE: Professor Stephen Bainbridge, whose scholarship has been cited in Chancery Court opinions, adds his approval here.