Corporate Law Professor Lyman Johnson‘s scholarship on the fiduciary duty of corporate officers has been previously highlighted on this blog (e.g., here). Professor Johnson holds joint faculty appointments at Washington and Lee University as well as the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. Today he brought to my attention a scholarly exercise that may be of interest to the readers of this blog who seek to keep abreast of the latest developments in corporate law.

Beginning on May 4 and for the next two weeks, The Conglomerate blog will be hosting an online symposium of scholars who will adress the topic of: "Exploring the Connection between Religious Faith and Corporate Law".  Academic research has analyzed corporate law from many angles but not systematically from the faith perspective.

Several nationally-prominent corporate law scholars will be participating. Among the contributors to the online colloquium will be Michael Naughton, Director of the Institute for Catholic Social Thought at the University of St. Thomas.

UPDATES: Here is the first post in the above matter. Here is another post. Here is a reference by Professor Bainbridge to the symposium with a link to several of his articles on the topic.