A Chancery Court hearing on Monday, April 20, in the ongoing AIG litigation to address issues raised in the Court’s Feb. 10, 2009 opinion, that was summarized on this blog here, such as the applicability of equitable tolling to non-fiduciaries, will be available for live viewing "in real time" via a video/audio feed from the courtroom that can be viewed from one’s computer, as provided by the online service at  www.courtroomview.com.

In addition, a five-day trial starting on April 27 will also be available for live viewing online via the service at www.courtroomview.com in the case of Selectica, Inc. v. Vesata Enterprises, Inc. Background on that expedited matter involving a shareholder rights plan is summarized here.

N.B.: The folks at the above service provide me with free access to the referenced online live video/audio feeds of the Chancery Court proceedings, but there is a fee for the general public.