Chancellor William B. Chandler of the Delaware Court of Chancery is scheduled to speak at a symposium in North Dakota with other corporate law experts. The symposium relates to the North Dakota Publicly Traded Corporations Act and details are here.

One of the editors of the North Dakota Law Review, which is sponsoring the symposium, sent me an email with the following description of the event:

On April 3, 2009, the North Dakota Law Review will hold a live symposium event on the recently enacted, “shareholder friendly,” North Dakota Publicly Traded Corporations Act. The title of this year’s symposium is, “Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights in a Time of Financial Crisis: How the North Dakota Publicly Traded Corporations Act Changes the Landscape.” Some of our notable speakers include: Chancellor William Chandler of the Delaware Chancery Court, Professor Stephen Bainbridge of the UCLA School of Law, William H. Clark (author of the Act), Professor J. Robert Brown, Jr. of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, and North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger….

 This symposium will serve not only as a forum for the exchange of ideas among prominent scholars and practitioners from the field of corporate governance, but as a place for national practitioners, government and business leaders to discuss the implications of the North Dakota Publicly Traded Corporations Act on corporate governance and shareholder rights.


 (italics and bold are mine)