In Re American International Group (AIG) Derivative Litigation.  A Chancery Court hearing in this matter tomorrow, Nov. 7, 2008, before Vice Chancellor Strine, is available for your viewing  (and listening) pleasure online via your computer through A link to access this motion hearing (for a price) is available here.  I understand that the hearing is on a motion to dismiss the amended complaint. No need to watch it live, however, as you can still view the video after the hearing is over. They tell me that they will make a clip available for me to upload onto this blog shortly after the hearing is over. Depending on my schedule, I plan to upload that short video/audio clip of the hearing by the afternoon of Nov. 7.

Let me know, dear readers, if you think making these clips available is worthwhile, and if so, I may post additional clips of future hearings as they are offered to me–such as an upcoming settlement hearing scheduled in the infoUSA case.

I want to disclose that the short clips of the video of the hearing, and free access to me of the whole video, is provided to me for free in exchange for providing a link to the website of Courtroomlive, the provider of the service.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal online linked to this post here and here.